Android Development and Outsourcing

Android Development and Outsourcing

"Choose the best android team for your projects."

Mobile Application development at Oomsys has uniqueness in itself. Oomsys provides mobile application development, porting, application maintenance and support, as well as tne entire gammut of services in the vertical specified.

In the era of Gen-Z, where every netizen wishes to have access all possible information on his/her handheld smartphones. The gap is thus filled with multilingual, multivarious, user friendly, reliable, efficient and effective solutions provided by Oomsys.

Oomsys strength has its presence in major mobile technologies such as Windows, Android, iPhone and Black Berry. Leveraging on its industry intelligence and technological background, Oomsys designs and builds mobile applications that are customer-friendly and facilitate easy and quick data processing.

Related Technologies / Processes


Android devices come in wide range of device types. We offer UI Design Supporting Designing for Multiple Screens to have Implementing Effective Navigation and Improving Layout Performance.


Our developers have extensive experience using Android Studio, Eclipse and other compilers.


We are expertise in handling MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, SAP HANA, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other Flat dbs with mobile app development.

App Components

Using DialogFragments, static library that exposes the same Fragments API, Multithreading for Performance, Managing the Activity Lifecycle, Fragments For All, Building a Dynamic UI with Fragments, Sharing Simple Data and more.


We have extensive experience in interfacing with hardware and software or its components using automated/manual process. We support python, php and java based programming experience for interfacing different components including sensors .

Web Apps

We provide all the two ways to deliver an application on Android: as a client-side application or as a web application. Supporting Different Screens from Web Apps, Building Web Apps in WebView, Debugging Web Apps and Best Practices for Web Apps.

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